What we offer

We have an array of safaris which are available to you. We have listed some below but if these do not suit your needs then we also offer customised packages. The sky is the limit!

Minimum number of people per safaris is 3 paying customers. Should you want to come on a Safaris but you are a group of less than 3 people, contact James and he might have another group who can join you to make up the minimum requirements. 


Maximum of 8 paying customers per safaris to allow for space and comfort.

Sunrise Safaris.png

You will be collected before sunrise (time depends on the season). We will then climb on board and travel North along the coast as far as Umhlanga Rocks. Along the way, you can take amazing photos of the sun rising. It is an unique chance to encounter marine life feeding or playing in the early morning light.

Once we return to Durban Harbour we will enjoy tea or coffee on the boat. To end things off we will return you back to your accommodation safety.


Time at sea: Approximately 2-3 hours


R1550 per person

Sunrise Safaris

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We will collect you from your accomodation extremely early. Time dependant on the season. (4am in Summer | 5am in Winter). 

We will then take you to the boat and leave out the Harbour traveling South along the KZN coast, hopefully encountering marine life along the way. 


The destination is 25 miles away (approximately 75 minutes) where there are resident sharks to view. Black-tip reef sharks in their numbers as well as the chance of seeing Tiger Sharks and Bull Sharks as they typically congregate in this area. You can either view them from the side of the boat or we will take you into the water to swim in and amongst them with an experienced guide.

Time at sea: Approximately 5-6 hours


R3850 per person

Ultimate Sea Safaris

Relaxed Ride Safaris.png

We will conveniently collect you from your accommodation at approximately 10am. We will then take you to the boat and head out to sea. You will view Durban and the coast from a whole new perspective! There is an excellent chance that we will encounter marine life along the way.

We will stop half way and have a swim as well as drinks and snacks. Thereafter we will return to the harbour and take you back to your accommodation.

Time at sea: Approximately 2-3 hours

R1450 per person

Relaxed Ride Safaris

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(Offered to qualified divers only)


We are available to supply all required equipment on request (weights & tanks are included and supplied on board). Best to leave early on diving trips (5am / 6 am depending on the season). There will be an experienced Dive Master on board leading the dives and assisting in all respects. Durban has a few local reef dive sites and wrecks that are superb when conditions are good. The wrecks attract marine life and the chance of seeing sharks is very good. 


 The ultimate diving spot is Aliwal Shoal (75 minute boat ride) where you will have the option to dive with the sharks on a baited line to guarantee the sightings. Dive trips to Aliwal area take approx. seven hrs and each guest will have 2 cylinders. Aliwal Shoal and surrounding area with the prolific amount of sharks is well documented – the difference with Executive Sea Safaris is our full service and although a further boat ride, access to this area is safe and the boat comfortable. Door to door service with one of the most experienced Captains on the Coast.

Time at sea:

Durban: 2-3 hours

Aliwal Shoal: 6-7 hours

Off Durban:

Single tank dive: R1850

Double tank dive: R2300

Aliwal Shoal:

R5250 per person

Scuba Diving Safaris

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You will be collected late afternoon (time depends on the season). We will take you to the boat and then out to sea. You can take fantastic photos of the sky behind the KZN coastline with the sun setting.


It is exciting being at sea at night and we will travel back to the harbor after dark. Enjoy a drink while cruising slowing through the Harbor entrance and back on the mooring. We will return you back to your accommodation when ready.


Time at sea: Approximately 2-3 hours


R1550 per person

Sundowner Safaris

surf dol_edited.jpg

We have suggested Safaris and timing that works taking into account wind and sea conditions.


We are completely available to discuss a trip to sea off Durban that suits the your itinerary preferences.


Simply emailing James to discuss any option and Executive Sea Safaris will try make it work for you...

Options on Bird Watching safaris also available.

Other Scuba options available:

- Night Diving

- Black Water Diving

- Deep water Diving [Tech]

Customised Safaris

What to bring

Scuba diving: this will be discussed when booking.

Sea Safaris: simply bring your swimming costume and camera

Local Dive Schools and Clubs

Executive Sea Safaris is available to discuss rates for South African residents, especially regarding night diving and school training dives.

Booking a Trip

Bookings are done by emailing or calling James directly [Agents welcome]. Confirmation of the booking will be discussed and we will require a deposit to secure your date. If you are in South Africa when booking and want to go within the next few days of contact, payment will be discussed. Payment can be made directly into the Executive Sea Safaris account or if discussed, on the day of the trip.   

Cancelation of Trips

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee the sea and weather conditions. Executive Sea Safaris is always 100% honest with clients and will not take them to sea should we think the conditions are not suitable. Should it occur that guests are collected and taken to the boat but then the decision is made not to go to sea, a small charge of R300 per person is charged for the return land transfer only.


If payment has been made and the decision that sea conditions simply do not allow the boat to go to sea, then a full refund will be given. We can discuss the options of postponing the trip should the guests be in KZN on a different day.


If during the trip the client requests to return but conditions are safe, then no refund is due. James has an impeccable reputation of making the right decision for guests regarding sea conditions. Conditions can normally be predicted well with weather forecasts and the experience of operating in this area.


As stated in all of our Safaris, transportation is included in the fee. This only applies to guests staying in Durban, Durban North, Umhlanga Rocks and up to Ballito.

Executive Sea Safaris has a new vehicle for transfers of guests to and from their accommodation. Extremely safe and registered to carry our International clients. The owner of Executive Sea Safaris drives the clients himself as we know guests will feel safer and know they in good hands from start to finish. The vehicle is parked at the entrance to the boat mooring area and clients have a short 40m walk along the jetty to Paka Dume where they easily step on board.

Should the tour exceed 6 guests, Executive Sea Safaris will use our other reliable contracted vehicle and driver.

Encounters that can be expected

Once on board and ready, the boat will leave the harbor entrance and proceed out to sea. Depending on the Safari booked and the sea conditions, we will travel close inshore and cruise along the back of the waves. We don’t chase any marine life but simply stop the boat if in the area and watch from a distance. During the months of July to October, whales are passing our coast and can often be seen breaching from even a fair distance away. A must is to go out in June to August to catch the end of the annual Sardine Run. Sea Birds of many species can be found feeding on the fish and all the other marine life activity around this spectacular Sardine migration. The view of the Coastline from the ocean are some of the reasons why a trip can be a real adventure and great for the whole family to experience. But mostly it’s great to get out on the boat, in the fresh air.